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Get yourself an RC Aircraft Carrier

Some people just have a need to go bigger and better. The scale modeller or RC enthusiasts world is definitely no exception. The thing is huge! So big, it requires a team of guys to fly and start. If bigger and better is your thing, what better kind of model is there than an RC aircraft carrier?

The full size variants are some of the most amazing examples of engineering of all time. The huge engines, the radar technology and the ability to launch and land aircraft in such a small distance are all incredible. Of course, an RC aircraft carrier isn’t going to have all this jazz, but they can still look the part. With attention to detail, your remote control aircraft carrier will definitely turn heads. Hell, with the pure size, you probably wouldn’t even need the detail to be constantly approached by jealous hobbyists.

So, to buy or build your carrier? It really depends on what you’re into. For some, the decision will be simple. For others, you really need to assess your wants and goals. Do you love and get a kick out of building things? The decision should be obvious. One of the biggest driving forces in getting ones hands on an RC aircraft carrier is the ability to land other planes on.

There are definitely options available for those who would rather buy their carrier outright. Most of these however, are not suited to landing radio controller aircraft on. They are usually a bit smaller, and are meant as a remote controlled boat to be used as exactly that – not for landing on. I mean, you could try, but you’ll more than likely end up with a drowned plane.

Building an RC aircraft carrier is no easy feat, and will cost you quite a bit, but the end results are totally worth it. Here, we will cover the requirements for building your carrier. Stay tuned!

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