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If you can’t tell yet, I’m pretty big on military model kits. What’s cooler then a huge chunk of metal that flies through the air? A huge chunk of metal that flies through the air with guns.

The Superfortress was used mostly in the China, Burma and India area, the South West Pacific during WWII and then in the Korean conflict. Iit was originally designed and built as a high altitude, long range strategic heavy bomber. It was capable of carrying a 20,000 lb payload! How good is that.

Defensive armament included 4 remotely controlled turrets, each utilizing two .50 caliber machine guns. I loved driving those in Call of Duty.

    SR-71 Blackbird Model Kit


    I thought I’d share a model of my favourite plane of all time – The SR-71 Blackbird. It was a long-range, mach 3 recon aircraft built by Lockheed. They went out of service in 1998, and in their 34 years of operation, not one was taken out by an enemy. Given that it is a sealth aircraft that cruises at mach 3.2, it’s not really suprising. But more to the point, it looks cool as hell and Amazon have a few variations of it available in model form. Judging by the reviews, I think I have found the best one and ordered mine today.

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